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Testosterone Boost Test

Saturday, October 07, 2023

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Rachael Ross M.D., PhD

Saturday, October 07, 2023

Unlike women who experience a rapid decline in sex hormone levels during menopause, men experience a slow, continuous decline in testosterone levels over time (see Figure 2). The term “andropause” is sometimes used to denote this hormonal change. As testosterone levels slowly reflect this decline with aging, a form of hypogonadism can develop and is sometimes referred to as the partial androgen deficiency of the aging male (PADAM) (34). In older athletic men who display reduced levels of testosterone, this aging event could be a partial contributor to hormonal change.


DONT EXERCISE TOO MUCH too much exercise without sufficient recovery can actually lower testosterone levels in what's called overtraining syndrome. And Exercise Hypogonadal Male Condition - high volume endurance activities such as running, triathlons, cycling cross-country skiing, and race walking.
Optimize Vitamin D
For middle-aged men, low vitamin D has been linked to low testosterone. [11] And a large study of 1,362 men found that higher vitamin D levels in the blood were positively correlated with higher testosterone levels.

Another study of middle-aged men displayed a positive correlation between TT, FT, and 25(OH)D.16 It also found that subjects with optimized levels of testosterone (>26.51 ng/mL) had, on average, 15% more vitamin D than those with suboptimal levels of testosterone.16

In a 2011 randomized controlled study, researchers found men who were given a daily high-dose vitamin D supplement significantly increased their total testosterone from 10.7 nmol/L to 13.4 nmol/L, whereas there were hardly any changes in testosterone concentrations in the group given a placebo.19 These findings suggest that men deficient in vitamin D who take a proper vitamin D supplement may fix low levels of low testosterone.

A year-long trial of both men and women found that daily supplementation of just over 3,000 IU per day significantly increased total testosterone and free testosterone (and corrected the vitamin D deficiency).

regulates cell growth and the immune system while maintaining neuromuscular and cardiovascular health

3.CONSIDER an Adaptogen

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